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A szakmai látogatás (job shadowing) munkaterve

Program:   31 Oct, 2022 Arrival to accommodation Administration and Orientation with Evolvo 01 Nov, 2022 free  
02 Nov, 2022 and 3 Nov, 2022 Professional visits of possible hosting companies such as Madica ( or Glam (  
04 Nov, 2022 Professional visits of beauty salons and shops in Milan  
05 Nov, 2022 Final Evaluation and documents  
06 Nov, 2022 Departure of the group
The aim of our preparatory visit The aim of our preparatory visit is that the students gain relevant foreign professional experience in the trade of hairdresser and cosmetology, which can be studied at our school.
Hairdressing students learn to cut women’s/men’s/children’s hair (classic and modern hair cutting techniques),within the men’s department: painting, grooming, cutting, shaving preparatory operations: hair washing, head massage, hair care, e.g. care of damaged hair, wraps application, hair end care, keratin filling, washing, moisturizing, chemical operations: perm curling – straightening, bleaching, dyeing, highlighting techniques, coloring, hair extensions: hair braiding, hair weaving, gluing, ringing, heat bonding casual hairstyles: blow-drying, curling, ironing, stacking, curling, making an occasional bun.
We are primarily looking for hairdressing salons where our students can practice and learn hairstyles at a professional level, hairstyles which can be worn during the days and on weekdays Cosmetology students learn to treat the face and body, hair removal procedures: resin, sugar resin, wax, mechanical hair removal procedures (tweezers, thread technique) eyelash, eyebrow painting, shaping make-up: casual, daytime, wedding make-up body treatments: vacuum massage, cellulite massage, aromatherapy body wrap, lymphatic massage, recreational massage, energizing massage special treatments: anti-aging treatments, whitening treatments, stem cell, hiarulon, snail treatments, peptide treatments, lava stone massage, brush massage, oxygen therapy, oxygen treatment, creams, applying and washing off wraps electro-cosmetic procedures: lifting, laser soft laser, plasma, hydroabrasion, microdermabrasion, ultrasound, radio frequency, mesotherapy, iontophoresis, vio, hot and cold facial iron, vapozon, facial treatments: facial and décolleté massage, skin diagnostics, recognition of elementary changes, school massage eyelash lifting, eyebrow lamination others: hand and arm massage, manicure, gel varnish, glitter tattoo, henna painting
We are primarily looking for beauty salons where our students can prepare face and body treatments they can practice and master at a professional level.
What we do not teach are foot care, hand care and artificial nail design, these are two separate professions in Hungary.

Dátum: 2022.11.15.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Székely Krisztina